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kakao investment

Making a better world with people and technology

Incorporated in 2015, Kakao Investment is an investment company focused on growth capital. In line with Kakao’s corporate mission to "Make a better world with people and technology", Kakao Investment invests in start-ups that can actually realize innovations.
In addition, Kakao Investment strives to build a virtuous cycle within the venture ecosystem by providing exit routes via M&As and IPOs.

  • Investment

    Key sectors that can influence Real Life mobile experiences such as m-commerce, O2O, Fintech, IoT, and BoT.We are also interested in infrastructural & software technology developing start-ups.

    Real Life

    • Commerce
    • Software
    • Technical
    • BoT
    • loT
    • Fintech
    • O2O

  • Investment

    We focus mainly on Growth-Stage start-ups that possess high growth potential and early stage start-ups aiming for a global presence.

  • Investment

    1. The team’s sense of duty
    2. The feasibility of the idea
    3. Long-term strategic partners that share Kakao Investment’s business principles and vision

    Businesses that reform & improve pre-existing inefficiencies and Pain Points in the value chain. Businesses that pursuit coexistence and win-win within the value chain.


  • We work for you by working with you.
    Amazing things come from supporting.

  • Synergy

    With Kakao

    Kakao Investment will utilize diverse services & business assets Kakao Investment & Kakao has in order to facilitate a swift growth of our portfolio companies and share business know-how &information to minimize the trial and error that most start-up companies experience.

  • Network

    Global Alliance

    Kakao Investment possesses a network of various personnel and physical resources both in Korea and abroad. We will maximize these channels to fully support the growth of our portfolio companies with the adequate strategic partnerships, global advancement, recruitment of key personnel, and further investment rounding.

  • Business

    Specialized Support

    Kakao Investment provides constant advisory support to our portfolio companies regarding various issues a Start-up can face in the areas of tax/legal/accounting/finance through in house experts in those related areas. We strive to be a partner that our portfolio companies can easily seek advice regarding their business expansion, business development, and etc.



We Build It

Kakao Investment discovers and empowers founders with innovative technology to serve Kakao Corp’s mission: "Making a better world with people and technology."

Kakao Investment works hand-in-hand with the founders to build and grow their businesses. We offer a wide range of support, helping each of our portfolio companies raise capital, find the talents, and explore strategic solutions to accelerate the growth.

Our mission is to become a reliable partner to aspiring founders and support them throughout their journey to build a better future.


  1. 2021 - Now
    Kakao Investment │ CEO
  2. 2015 - 2010
    Kakao Investment │ Executive Diretor
  3. 2010 - 2015
    Daum-Kakao │ Team Leader
  4. 2005 - 2010
    NHN │ Team Leader
  5. 2002 - 2005
    Neowiz │ Associate
  6. 1999 - 2002
    Allm │ Associate

Ryan Kim

Partner / Vice President

Always looking for the smart team with
innovative ideas and tenacity.

Jay Park


Looking for a team with a business model
that disrupts the existing
customer value chain.

Allen Jun

Principal Lead

Discovering and supporting companies
seeking exponential growth

Jake Lee

Principal Lead


Amy Song



Andrew Lim

Finance Director

As a companion for value growth, we will
provide optimal advice in various aspects.

Jayden Kim

Legal Director

Technology has become the leader in in-
stitutions. We'll help start-up companies
solve the difficulties caused by the com-
plex legal problems they face.

Roi Park

HR Director

For the growth and development of each
organization and its members,
we will be partners who think and support
HR system, organizational culture, and
labor-management relations together.


Our family (portfolio) members are the best innovators in its class, endeavoring to transform current practices to make our world a better place


Teamfresh is Korea's leading cold chain
logistics company.


3billion provides clinical genetic testing on all
20,000+ genes encompassing 7,000+ rare genetic
diseases at an affordable price for patients in need.


Radish is an exciting mobile fiction platform for
serialized storytelling. Our wide variety of stories are
published and read in bite-sized installments.


VALOFE, as a 'Global Game Company', are
developing, publishing and operating games of
Online and Mobile games, to help gamers enjoy
their best pleasures.


Enjoy Challenge, DRX is a global premier e-sports
team with the slogan: 'Let's enjoy taking on chal-
lenges without being afraid of the impossibles'.


Monolabs provides a block-chain based supply
chain management and product authentication
solution to consumer goods companies. Building on
its platform, the company aims to become the
leading personalized vitamin provider, helping
consumers find vitamins and supplements to meet
their health goals and needs.

Oasis Market

Oasis Market sells quality eco-friendly and organic
products at reasonable prices in an Online platform,
based on its solid offline channel distribution
experience, and is receiving more benefit
by launching online- early delivery service in 2018.

Kryptos biotechnologies

lluminating drivers of complex disease
one cell at a time.


Yanadoo design to achieve your goals
without giving up.


Jason Group is data-based e-commerce platform
company that provides IT performance services
combine Products, Contents and Marketing with
B2C, B2B.


Triller is an American video-making and social-
networking platform for artists and creators around the world.


Fresheasy, a leading fresh HMR product manufac-
turer with No. 1 market share in the Korean Meal-kit
industry, dreams of becoming free from cooking
through innovation in the way food is chosen
and consumed.


Kopi Kenangan is the fastest-growing non-franchise
coffee chain in Indonesia. Kopi Kenangan sets the
new trend of coffee consumption, bridging the gap
between the high-end international coffee brands
and the traditional street coffee stands.


Extraordinary Finance for the Ordinary.


wiip is an independent studio distinctive in its
commitment to letting talent do what talent does
best – create. wiip creates and produces content
for digital and global platforms.


Devotionfoods is a food-tech company
that has a mission of building the next generation
meat substitute for a greener and healthier life.


MegazoneCloud is devoted to helping customers
utilize cloud-based platform technologies
and solutions in order to digitize their businesses
and realize the value of digital innovation.


SimplyO offers safe things that come in
close contact with your body everyday
at an affordable price.


Adrock-advertainment Inc. implements mobility
user entry service platform, providing its users with
a wide range of services beyond One-stop service of
total process in driving license test.


Born in Indonesia, Bobobox is the pioneer in
tech-enabled sleeping pods accommodation. The
company disrupts the hospitality industry with a
new category in “on-demand sleep” that enables
customers to have a recharging rest anytime, any-
where for as long as they need it – for a couple of
hours to a couple of days – via its app.


GoWork is Indonesia’s leading flexible space provier,
serving 500+ companies in 30+ hubs across
Indonsia. The company provides inspiring
world-class workspaces and empowers its 15,000+
members through technology and access to
a network of companies across industries.


Daeyoung Chaevi is a major Charge Point Manage-
ment System (CPMS) manufacturer and service pro-
vider. The company has been recognized
for integrating own smart charging technology
and mass production ability with the certifications
on monitoring, manufacturing, installation
and construction.


Path Mobile Indonesia is Indonesia-based digi-
tal content production company. We produce
various contents ranged from drama, sitcom,
talk show to audition program for both global
and local platform players.


UBcare is creating new values for the future digi-
tal healthcare environments with attempts for
providing EMR (Electronic Medical Record) solu-
tions, medical e-commerce services, custom-
ized medical devices, healthcare business big


STAGE Five is an innovator in the 5G era,
offers telecommunication service
and IoT devices


Kids Note is a service that connect center
with families, and parents with children.
We aim to be a mobile platform that can be
used not only in Korea but also in educational
institutions around the world.


VITCON provides One Stop IoT Solution that
anyone can easily and freely build by offering
H/W, S/W and Cloud.


CHEQUER, Inc. has been working on data
collaboration & security solution, SQLGate
SQLGate is an integrated data solution for faster,
more secure data operations such as data
management, sharing, visualization and security.


Linewalks makes artificial intelligence
and data technology for healthcare system.


POTENIT is a company that raises
the value of people's world and
thinks only of people through unmanned
autonomous robots.


Connect the world with lighting


Next Generation industry with
INNOSIGNAL's A.I. algorithm
Weld Quality, Machine Condition,
Industrial Data Analysis, Factory Autonomy


We are a fast-growing digital publisher of
video games and viral social media content.


POTENIT is a company that raises
the value of people's world and
thinks only of people through unmanned
autonomous robots.


Digisonic Inc. allows us to share
our experiences through immersive sound.
We are a technology-oriented content company
that develops algorithms for user-tailored
auditory perception and perception.

VR/AR/AI audio solutions to optimize
personal listening characteristics


Zipdoc provides service for users
to find interior company to renovate
and decorate their space.
Zipdoc will be a platform service
leading to the interior market.


Luxrobo’s MODI is a modular device
for DIY IoT, and roboticcreations.
Luxrobo presents to you the world’s first
“Robotics ofThings” Platform, MODI.
With MODI, anyone can create IoT robotic devices.


Deleo is a comprehensive logistics company
that specializes in providing a door-to-door
shipping platform solution to domestic and
international e-commerce markets via
a simple and intuitive API connection


Leferi with its creators' contents carries out
the mission of helping women around Asia become
beautiful inside and out as Asia's Top Beauty Creator
Talents Cultivation and Management Group.


ShoeLab is the one and only shoe platform
which connect its demands and supplies.


Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) is a fintech
startup building the ecosystem for
Bitcoin in the Philippines.
Our goal is to streamline financial services by
creating Bitcoin solutions.


Manna CEA is an Agriculture Tech company that
sells crops produced in ultra-high yield grow
facilities, while also providing various growing
platforms and technology based products to
farmers for the purpose of expanding future
tech farming methods.


Hasys is a professional beauty management
company, which has 70% of beauty shop CRM
market share all over the country. We are
performing a role as a partner of beauty shop
through systemathic DB analysis.

tnk factory

One of Korea’s largest mobile service monetiza-
tion & cross-promotion advertisement platform.


Our exits represent our excellence in investment selection and value enhancement




E -commerce




Design / Architecture


Advertising & Analytics




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